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Advantages /Disadvantages Of Islamic Banking

In past years Islamic finance has been growing rapidly. There are many reasons and benefits why one must choose this Islamic banking. Below are some of the benefits that one will get by choosing the correct banking system.Essentonally Islamic bank follows two kind of banking principles. One is Bai’bithamanAjil and MusharakahMutanaqisahBai’bithamanAjil is basically based on the Murabahah concept and it is also one of the most popular option for most of the home buyers. Whereas MM is basically a partnership between the bank and the client in order to buy the property.

No Compounding Interest as well

Since Islamic banking does not have any interest, it does not have compounding interest in late payments as well. However, the late payment fee for home loans can hover over 1% annually. Which is basically much lower than other home loans with higher charges and compound interest.

There won’t be any interest.

In Islam, earning of interest is prohibited, however you won’t find any of the interest charges in your home loan agreement. Unlike other home loans, Islamic Home financing simply has a fixed profit rate.

Penalty Free

The penalty fee for a property disposal within the mentioned period can be lower than the a conventional loan. However a conventional loans penalty fee for an early settlement has a fixed percentage. Whereas the Islamic banking will charge the bank based on the banks cost of funds. However the fee might differ from one bank to another bank.

What are the drawbacks

There are quite a few disadvantages in Islamic banking and even in Islamic Insurance too. Below are some of the weakness of Islamic finance. Even though this particularly option is sound, the calculation method that each bank uses may differ. Though the actual outcome may not be detrimental to the bank or the person who takes It, Due to certain restrictions in the actual procedure, a level of uncertainty exists for both the bank as well theclient. When it comes to alternation the terms of financing, it can be stressful. Incase if a customer needs to alter the terms of condition, a new sale and buy-back agreement should be made and signed. However a conventional loan will only require the amendments to be stamped which will cost lesser. Visit this link for more info on Islamic Insurance.

Base Financing Rate

Unlike any other conventional loans which are basically based on BLR, Islamic financing is based on BFR. Which means the bank can adjust based on the ongoing market condition. Which is basically the maximum profit an Islamic financer will earn.

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How To Prepare Yourself For The Future?

Adulthood is about managing responsibilities. We need to use the collective experiences that we gathered from a young age and apply it to our daily lives. We need to able to adapt to our society and learn to be independent. There are steps we can take to ensure that we get there. It’s important that we educate our kids and teach them responsibilities. As we enter adulthood, there are many things that we need to be prepared for. The decisions we make can shape our life for the better or worse. We would all want a safe, stable and secure future so we need to be sufficiently prepared for life’s challenges. This would mean that we need to put in the effort to improve ourselves and learn as much as we possibly can from the world around us. Using what we learned, we can implement changes to our lives to secure our future.

Be more financially responsible

How we manage our finances can be a crucial factor in deciding what kind of life we end up with. In our younger days with parents providing for us, we would have been slightly more irresponsible with our spending. As an adult, we can’t afford to do that as it will affect our lives in a negative way. We need to adapt to the times and be more responsible with the way we spend. Our expenses need to be well managed and we need to allocate funds for monthly savings to help us out in the long run. We could hire a financial planner to assist us with our expenditure. This would give us a chance to assess our finances and find a good long-term plan.

Secure your future

The main reason you are working hard now is so that you can have a comfortable future. It’s important for you to work at a young age when our bodies and mind are in optimal conditions. As we get older, it becomes difficult for us to keep up. Therefore, we need to set up a proper retirement plan so we can secure our future for a time when we are no longer able to work as well as we used to. There are many options to choose from such as the self managed superannuation fund which can help us secure a stable future. Click here for more info on self managed superannuation fund.

Expand your skill set

Youth only comes once in our lives. We should make full use of the opportunities that are presented to us. Learning as much as possible can help us to expand our horizons and keeps the door open for many possibilities. Expanding your skill set can benefit you greatly in the long run.